Tropical Makeup


Tropical Makeup

BA STAR Tropical Eye Shadow Palette

With the arrival of summer, we want to use a little color in our makeup, I’m the classic woman who loves brown and soft makeup but highlighting the lips in vibrant colors, since most of the year I like to dress with dark colors, blue, coffee, etc..

Now at this time I like to give a touch of color to highlight my eyes and look a little more, you know what they say “The eyes are the windows of the soul”, A week ago I received the Tropical palette BA STAR Eye Shadow, the tropics inspire me to create vibrant magical colors but both that can be used for eating out in the evening or going to the movies.

The Eye Shadow Palette brings eyeshadow prebase, which further enhances the color, without creating shadows. BA STAR is the number one brand of makeup for cheerleaders and dancers, and since it is designed to withstand all phisical activity,that last for hours without smudging.

This makeup is available to all, it only costs $ 8.75 and you can use the “50TROPIC” code to get 50% discount.




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