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Ten Minute Tidy


Ten Minute Tidy



Busy moms have to multi-task on a daily basis, And with children, our time is limited, So we must organize our daily chores so that we can balance our lives, and at the same time take care of the home, help with  school work, medical appointments, shopping and any situation that presents its self.
My daughters love to help me organize, by taking care of their toys and cleaning their rooms, They know that having responsibilities will help them in the future . In the summer when my kids are on vacation from school, they tend to play with every toy in the house, play dress up and try on all the cloth in their closet, so it can get quite messy.

It’s important that the entire Family pitches in and together, help keep the home organized and maintain a perfect ambience in which we can enjoy special moments together every day. Also its a great way to let your children know that they are very important in household decisions.


I would like to share some tips that have worked for me:
  • A fun task that works very well for us, is the “Ten Minute Tidy” where for 10 minutes every-day together we organize the house before going to sleep, we are a family of 4 so that is 40 minutes of cleaning in just ten. For this activity we use the timer on my phone and after the ” Ten Minute Tidy ” we congratulate ourselves for achieving our goals.
  • When washing clothes, We place  plastic laundry  baskets in each room so that they can place their daily outfits in their own laundry basket, and once their full I take them into the laundry and wash, instead of picking up the daily laundry off the floor.
  •  Sharpie Clear View helps us keep track of our daily task list, We can highlight each activity and not have to worry about smudges on our task list! We love this feature.. You can find the Sharpie clear view highlighters for a great price at your local Walgreens, Just in time for the back to school season.

Sharpie clear view highlighters are a great tool for helping us keep our home organized, The Sharpie clear view highlighters are simple and fun to use,,our kids love them, they enjoy the bright colors and love to highlight their task list without having the letters smudge, These are just a few fun ways for the entire family to participate in organizing your home.

For more information on the new Sharpie Clear View visit their website, find news and offers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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