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How to remove banana pups


How to Remove Banana Pups


Hi everyone, Today I will share with you, my banana pup removal method. This method safely removes the banana pups without causing trauma to the mother plant & the pup, the end result makes for a quicker recovery for both mother plant & pup. All you need is a sharp hand saw, and start your cut near the mother plant, so that the pup is removed with a good portion of corm.

Once the pup is removed , place pup in a pot with some good potting soil water & place in partial sun/shade for at least 1 week until pup recovers, after that , place pup in full sun & water 1 time per week & fertilize 1 time per month during the growing season. Now that you have successfully removed the pup from the mother plant, you can pot it up into it’s own container.


Plant the pup in it’s new pot at the same depth it was in the old pot, taking care to cover all the roots. Once you’ve filled the pot with soil, water it well. The new pup plant might droop for a few days until it gets used to living on it’s own.

You can choose to keep a few strong pups attached to the mother plant to grow and replace the main shoot once it has finished fruiting. You can also selectively dig up and transplant the banana pups to form new plants elsewhere. I have a fews banana plants in my collection that I’ve had for several years.


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